When You are Done Talking about it...

And you are ready for a real life change!

You're stressed and struggling, and you've tried counseling, ignoring it or chatting with friend. What if you could achieve the life change you want in less time than using traditional methods? 

Introducing - Life Changing Energy Therapies

When you need help:

Sanna Carapellotti’s professionalism, expertise and calming demeanor are essential ingredients to assist you when you need to master an challenging aspect of your life. Life-Changing Energy Therapies can impact your life in an instant with a profound insight or a shift in perspective. It can also be as simple as a light tap on an acupressure point that stimulates change. When you are ready to talk to SannaA FREE 15 minute consultation is available to you.

Sanna’s Work

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Sanna helps clients breakthrough real life stresses and struggles such as, grief, systemic family patterns, stress eating triggers, childhood trauma, test & sport anxieties as well as surgery preparation and recovery. Her work brings more freedom, consciousness and mindfulness to your everyday life, stresses and struggles. You live happier and better.

With a style very different from traditional approaches. Sanna obtains results using her expertise and groundbreaking fusion of neuro-science, self-healing arts, practical philosophy and her own powerful methodologies in each session. She integrates the followng modalities to help you resolve your struggle faster and more efficiently.

Hypnotherapy ~ Family Energy Patterns ~ Emotional Freedom Technique ~ Guided Imagery ~ Neuro-Linguistic Programming

A Sampling of My Clients:
  • Executives
  • Moms & Dads
  • College students
  • Moms & Dads
  • Athletes
  • Teachers
  • Bricklayers
  • Entreprenuers
  • Soldiers
  • Children
  • Psychologists
  • You!
The Concerns They Have:
  • Worry, fear or sadness
  • Dislike & anger
  • Fear for upcoming surgery
  • Body pain. Illnesses. Conditions
  • Grief or traumatic events
  • Negative money patterns
  • Idiopathic symptoms
  • Stress eat. Bad habits
  • Caught in Family Patterns
  • Accidents & injuries
  • Childhood trauma
  • Mother issues
What They Experience:
  • A highly trained therapist
  • Prompt attention
  • Professional environment
  • Respect
  • Integrity and a caring approach
  • Confidential discussions
  • Resources and solutions
  • Optimism and Hope
  • Symptom Resolution
  • Relief and Transformation
  • Follow up Coaching
  • A happier life!

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